Hi, Teslyn here from
"Radish On The Runway"

Are you ready to walk the runway with me on a plant based journey?  I have been meat-free for over a decade and a 5 year vegan.  A few years ago I found out I was pre-diabetic and had hypertension.  After receiving that news, I decided to change my eating habits and go completely plant-based vegan.  I lost 50 pounds and my health issues were resolved.  Due to this,  I am a firm believer that food truly is our medicine.   

I am excited to bring to you all a vegan experience that will touch on everything from restaurants I visit, select dishes from my kitchen, events and more.  The Radish On The Runway Podcast will consist of interviews with people from all walks of life, from restaurant owners to everyday people, from whole-food vegans to raw-Food Vegans,  From the ethical to the environmental vegans we will cover it all.